Shivpuri Police

                                                          Welcome to the Official Webpage of Shivpuri Police

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  • Student Police Cadets
    Student Police Cadets visit CCTV Police Control Room
  • Police Assistantance Centre
    Inauguration of Police Assistance Center, Sadar Bazar Shivpuri
  • प्रेस काॅन्फ्रेंस
    Press Conference on Achievements
  • श्रीमान एडीजी महोदय
    Training Camp by Honourable ADG on the role of family counseling in a changing environment
  • कण्ट्रोल रूम
    Police Control Room
  • प्रवासी मजदूरों
    Superintendent of Police distributing food to migrant laborers
  • आनलाईनबैंक फ्राॅड
    Training of police employees in relation to online bank fraud
  • परेड सलामी
    Martyr's Day Parade Salute
  • ड्रोन कैमरा
    Monitoring through drone camera during lock town
  • नशा मुक्ति अभियान
    Police sensitizing boys,girls during de-addiction campaign
  • परिवार परामर्श केन्द्र
    Agreement made between two families during Family Counseling Center
  • वृक्षारोपण
    Plantation by Superintendent of Police Shivpuri
  • कोर्ट स्टाफ
    Meeting with court Officials
  • नशीले पदार्थो
    Police administration's drug addiction awareness rally
  • ट्रेफिक सप्ताह
    Superintendent of Police giving rose flowers to those who follow traffic rules during traffic week
  • पब्लिक अनाउंसमेंट सेंटर
    Collector Shivpuri and SP Shivpuri announcing at the Public Announcement Center
  • Office of Superintendant of Police
    Office of Superintendant of Police Shivpuri
  • डीआईजी महोदय
    Honourable DIG, having a meeting with other police officers
  • Shivpuri Police in Social Media


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Inspector General of Police, Gwalior Zone Shri Avinash Sharma (IPS)

I wish all the best for the official webpage of Shivpuri Police.I hope that through it public-Police interaction would increase and it would act a booster also to enhance Police legitimacy in the eyes of Public.

– IG , Gwalior Zone

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Deputy Inspector General of Police Shri Rajesh Hingankar (IPS)

Congratulation and best wishes to Shivpuri police on the launch of Shivpuri police webpage. I hope this webpage will be helpful to serve the public expectations and public interest. Jai Hind

-DIG Gwalior Zone

SP police sir
Superintendant of Police Shri Rajesh Singh (IPS)

I welcome all on the launch of official web page of Shivpuri police. I hope this eve platform will be helpful in providing information and facilitate better police services for public.

-SP Shivpuri


  • Women helpline: 1091
  • child helpline : 1098
  • Corona Helpline :7049124077
  • CM Helpline: 181
  • Police Control Room : 07492-232100


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