Success Stories

1.Two smack smugglers disguised by Shivpuri police caught with a smack of 8 lakh and a swift car (Press Note   Date- 24.05.2020)

Under the direction of Superintendent of Police Shivpuri Shri Rajesh Singh Chandel, continuous action is going on against people possessing andt     ransporting  narcotics in   Shivpuri district, strict instructions have been given by Superintendent of Police Shivpuri to all police station in-charge to take action in this direction. As a result, the two accused were caught with a smack of Rs 800000 while acting by the police leopard.success smack


2.Shivpuri police arrests robbery accused and loots recovered. (Press Note   Date- 04.06.20)

On 29.05.20, the complainant Narendra Srivastava came to the police station Ranaud and informed that the accused Devendra Lodhi and Mild Jatav residents took advantage of the darkness in the night of 24-25.05.20 by the village Vijayapura to loot 20000 cash mobile and Aadhaar card and the complainant To scare her, so that she does not report to the police, she was burnt in the thighs with a hot iron bar. On the information, the police started a search for the accused in Rannaud by taking the crime number 83/20 Section 394 IPC 11, 13 MPDPK Act against the accused.thana rannod

Under the direction of Superintendent of Police Shivpuri and under the guidance of Additional Superintendent of Police Shivpuri, SDOP Kolaras, constant efforts were made by police station in-charge Ranaud to parse the accused. Today on 04.06.20, on the information received by the informer, accused Devendra son Pran Singh Lodhi age 31 years and Milda Jatav son Pehalwan Jatav age 24 years, resident Vijayapura was arrested from Sesai Tirahe and questioned and robbed of mobile in the incident from the possession of the accused. Aadhar card and cash 15060 were duly recovered.

3.Shivpuri police arrested thieves with stolen goods(Press Note   Date- 04.06.20)

On 03.06.20, Faridi Manish son Ramdayal Jain, age 40, resident of Mahavir Nagar Shivpuri came to the police station Sirsaud and informed that on the night of 02-03.06.20, 25 pieces were cut by the window of my warehouse at Village Khiwada Road by some unknown miscreants. Soyabean prices were stolen for about Rs. 60000, on the said information, registration of crime number 104/20 Section 457,380 IPC was started in police station Sirsaud. thana sirsod
Patrasi of unknown accused was started by the station in-charge Sirsaud under the direction of Superintendent of Police Shivpuri Shri Rajesh Chandel and under the guidance of Additional Superintendent of Police Shivpuri Shri Gajendra Singh Kanwar, SDOP Karaira Shri Atmaram Sharma. Station in charge Sirsaud Uni. After closely inspecting the scene by Sunil Rajput, it was found that the accused have taken the soybean sacks from the warehouse to the village Bilara where the soybean grains were spread on the way to the house of Shriram Jatav of village Bilara, The said person was also a shareholder of the complainant and both of his boys worked at the warehouse of the complainant, who had full knowledge about the warehouse, on suspicion, both the boys of Shriram Jatav were strictly interrogated by Narendra Jatav and Gajendra Jatav. Admitted, after the police duly recovered the entire goods stolen from the possession of the accused, 25 soybean sacks and the tractor farm truck used in the incident.

4.Shivpuri police arrested accused for robbing mustard-laden truck(Press Note   Date- 06.06.20)

On 03.06.2020, Faridi Anand Giri son Shri Rajendra Giri, age 26 years, resident of village Theh reported at the police station that driver for filling mustard in my truck no.RJ11 GA 4450, Jawhar Rawat resident Sakalpur and Shyam Singh Baghel resident village They had gone to Narwar with the truck, and in the evening about 250 sacks of mustard from Pallava Truders Narwar Maheshwari, the truck left for Shivpuri at around 07:00 pm, But when we reached the village Chand Narwar Road to see that the truck was late, we tried to stop the truck but the truck did not stop. The truck was driven by an unknown person to Satanwada, who was not followed. On the information of the complainant, crime number 63/2020 Section 379 was registered in the police station Satanwada.thana satanwada

Superintendent of Police Shivpuri Shri Rajesh Singh Chandel, taking the matter seriously, gave instructions to guard the accused and goods in the said case, from which excess. Under the charge of Police Superintendent Shivpuri Shri Gajendra Singh Kanwar, SDOP Shivpuri Shri Shiv Singh Bhadauria, Station In-charge Satanwara Uni. Attempts were made by Gabbar Singh Gurjar to absolve the accused and goods in the case.

In the discussion of the case, truck drivers Jawahar Rawat and Shyam Singh Baghel were found in the forest of Madikheda Dame under the wet wet patpara Thakur Baba Chabutra, tied by rope with a tree, towards the submerged area of Madikheda Dame, which they interrogated and said So he told that at around 08:00 pm, as soon as we climbed the truck over Pati Valley, OP came out that there were two persons on a Passion Pro motor cycle who overtook the truck and went to Thakur Baba platform, driver Jawahar Rawat stopped the truck. After taking down the rope in the truck, carrying it under the Thakur Baba in the dark area in the submerged area of Madikheda Dame and tied it with a tree. And Katta threatened to hit him and one person standing there ran away with the truck and after a while, the person who was standing with us tied up in us and also went with a bike. The accused took away about 4000 rupees from the pocket of the truck driver and helper and the truck and the mustard filled in it. Which cost around 18 lakh rupees. In the case, the crime was increased by the section 392 Bhadvi 11,13 MPDPK Act.

Station in-charge Satanwara Uni on 06.06.20. Gabbar Singh Gurjar received information from the informer that a truck number R.J. 11 G.A. 4450 has been standing in the jungle on Keru Dongri Road for two days, where two persons are present on the above information and the police station in-charge Satanwada left for May force under the guidance of senior officers, reached the spot at about 07:00 am. So the looted truck was found full on the spot and two people in the truck tried to run away after seeing the police who caught the siege and asked for the name, they asked for their name Asafaq bag father Asraf bag age 22 years resident Kilagat Khatik Mohalla Narwar and the other Person Sandeep Rana father Madho Singh Rana age 19 years resident of Ramnivas Colony Dabra said to be.
During search, 3 31 live cartridges were found from the possession of accused Sandeep Rana, who duly seized, after the two accused were arrested from the spot and looted from their possession, truck number RJ11 GA 4450 Mae 250 sacks of mustard. Was seized. On interrogating the accused, they told that the accused Asafaq bag was to be married on 25.06.2020 and there was a shortage of money, then to collect money for the wedding and Rs. 30,000 from the ATM of his mother by accused Sandeep Rana. In order to compensate for the theft and to complete their souk, both the above accused agreed to execute the said incident in a planned manner. Today, the accused are being presented for the police remand by presenting an honorable court.

5.Shivpuri police arrested accused who run away with money by cheating farmers(Press Note   Date- 02.06.20)

On 28.05.20, 51 complainant farmers applied to the tendu of Thana in which they told that the accused Neelam Jain wife Bablu alias Anil Jain and Rinku alias Ripul son Bablu alias Anil Jain residents of village Khari thana sold their crops gram, wheat, Ajwain to their Gave raw amounts of value and promised to give the money at a later date and all the people have left the village after taking the crop money. On the said application, the police officer-in-charge Tendua investigated and primafacie registered crime number 76/20 Section 406, 420 Bhadvi against the two accused against the accused.

Taking the matter seriously, Superintendent of Police Shivpuri Shri Rajesh Singh Chandel directed to immediately arrest the accused, from which the excess. Superintendent of Police Shivpuri Shri Gajendra Singh Kanwar, Station Officer in charge Tendua Uni under the guidance of SDOP Kolaras Shri Amarnath Verma. Arvind Singh Chauhan issued an attempt to arrest the accused by patrolling themFrom which police station in-charge Tendua, while taking quick action in the case, made tireless efforts to search the accused in the case, set up informer mechanism to apprehend the accused, station in-charge Tendua had left for Gwalior in search of the accused, during that time through the informer It was reported that the accused of the said incident is standing in front of Brijwasi Food Center Gwalior in the camp of Neelam Jain wife Bablu alias Anil Jain Sinde. On the said information, the police officer-in-charge Tendua immediately saw the police officer’s location with the police team under the guidance of senior officers and the said accused stood standing and was duly arrested and brought to Shivpuri

6.Armed miscreant seated in Bardat arrested by Shivpuri police(Press Note   Date- 25.05.20)

Station in-charge Sehore Uni. Rajveer Gurjar was patrolling in his police station area, when the informer was informed that an armed miscreant is sitting near Bardat near Kalipahadi Rapata. Police officer-in-charge, Sehore, immediately took guidance under the guidance of senior officers and rushed to the designated location of the informer and besieged it. The armed rogue tried to flee through the secret paths of the report as soon as the police arrived during the scuffle, but the crook’s eye failed in front of the police and caught the crook with a weapon. The interrogation of the arrested crook was told by the police that the name was Shishupal son Ramkishan Parihar resident of Kalipahadi, from whose possession 315 bore native Katta Maya Zinda round was recovered and the crime number 57/20 in Sehore police station against accused, Section 25, 27 Arms. A case of act was registered.thana sehore