Women Cell

In Shivpuri, Women Crime Cell branch is being operated to solve the problems related to women and crimes against them. In which the problem of women is resolved legally and socially. Family counseling center is also being operated with the help of social workers and NGOs for socially redressal, in which consultation is made between the two parties regarding the problems arising in the families and a lot of effort is made to get mutual agreement agreed. Family is not spared. At the same time, the couple, who are persuaded, are contacted from time to time so that they do not have to face any dispute in future.

In cases of complaints of molestation and misdeeds of women, especially girls, in the Women’s Crime Cell, immediate legal action is taken against the accused by informing senior officials. Here, hearing of elderly couples gives proper explanation to the multi-son. The cases of domestic violence are prepared and brought to the Hon’ble Court after proper coordination with the Women and Child Development Department. Apart from this, information is given about MP e-coop app, Poxo Act etc. to make women and child girls aware of their rights by visiting institutions with presence of coaching, schools, colleges and girls such as hostels, markets etc. Is directed to install CCTV cameras in its institutions. In order to provide protection to women and girls in the city of Shivpuri from anti-social elements, continuous patrolling is done by women employees present in Nirbhaya Mobile.