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Information regarding financial bid and lottery selection method of Lok Seva Kendra 03/10/2019 View (274 KB)
Date of Opening of Financial bid for management of Lok Seva Kendra 28/09/2019 View (90 KB)
List of eligible-ineligible tenderer in technical tender in tender process of Lok Seva Kendra 23/09/2019 View (3 MB)
Information about Bhu-Arjan 07/08/2019 View (2 MB)
Information regarding tender process of Lok Seva Kendra 13/08/2019 View (249 KB)
Gudapps Guidelines 09/05/2018 View (2 MB)
GIGW Guidelines 09/05/2018 View (2 MB)
Census-2011 Shivpuri 09/05/2018 View (5 MB)
District Profile 16/04/2017 View (323 KB)