District Election Office


Electors Verification Program (EVP)


Election Commission of India has launched countrywide Electors Verification Programme (EVP) from 1st September till 15th October 2019 to make Electoral Rolls (ER) healthy & error free.

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Elector Detail

Assembly Male Female Service
 23-Karera 126822 108516 438
24-Pohari 116245 99268 177
25-Shivpuri 124408 109407 490
26-Pichhore 125005 108456 205
27-Kolaras 122980 107571 91


Voter Registration Centers (VRCs) have been set up in all 5 assembly constituencies of Shivpuri for the purpose of providing free and fair broadcast of information and on-line availability of voting facts and voter identity card for voters. Invaluable cooperation and suggestions are requested in the participation of a strong democracy from all the citizens of the district.

Smt. Anugraha P District Election Officer
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