Shivpuri - District of Madhya Pradesh

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Narwar fort is 41 Kms away from Shivpuri. It is remarkable fortress atop a hill. Kuchhwaha Rajputs built the fort. The famous king Raja Man Singh and his beautiful wife Mragnayani made a historic event. The novel Mragnayani by famous story write Sh. Vrindavan Lal Sharma and sop opera with the same name was based on the love story of this region. Mragnayani was also known as Gujri Rani. Still the fort is worth seeing.



It is picnic spot in rainy season. It is a natural spring, of which water contains high minerals and it is of curative nature. The greenery around the Kund gives pleasure to enjoy the holiday.



The great freedom fighter of Indial Natiaonl Movement Tatya Tope was active in this region in his lifetime. English arrested him and the court case was heard here. On 14 April 1854.and case was heard here and sentenced to death at this place. His grand statue attracts the tourist for important role of Tatya Tope and recalls his contribution towards the modern India.



Survaya ki Garhi is SURVAYA KI GARHI20 Kms. Away from Shivpuri on Shivpuri-Jhansi Road. There is an old temple of lord Shiva and a beautiful water source. The Garhi has a big auditorium of stone. It is a famous historical place of old times. The Garhi has its charm for its old structure.





It is a small but beautiful waterfall with the deities of Lord Shiva. The park and boat club adds the glory. In old times, this was the spot joining Sailing BHOORA KHONClub of National Park. In English time, the viewers enjoy the boat sailors and view of Madhav Sagar lake. The water fall from a height of more than 25 meters gives the pleasure of swimmers with jump in to deep kund.







This is one of the ancient time holy places of Shivpuri. It is said that Arjun take out the water from the earth by his arrow to quench the thirst of Bhisam Pitamah at the time of Mahabharat. There are 52 Kund here. The people visit here with a religious mind.



The museum has a large collection of archeological statues of old time, which were found during the excavation in Shivpuri and nearby places. The beautiful works of old times proved that this region was the main activity point of Jain culture. The big human size statues vary of many god and goddess in various postures.



It is an old temple of lord Vishnu. The big statue of Lord Vishnu is made of huge single stone, which shows the ancient culture and architecture. There are other statues of other lords as Ganeshji, Shiva, Parvati, Laxmi, Dattatrey, Sriram, Krishan etc. The annual mela is also organized at this holy place at the time of Mahashivrati. The shops of different kind come from all around the region and other states also. The local people and others enjoy the occasion for days.



It is very beautiful picnic spot in rainy season. The heavy and waterfall in rainy season pays immense pleasure and the greenery around adds the charm of the nature. It is 50 kms away from Shivpuri. It is natural fall of Parvati River that falls from hill from height.



Son Chiryiya bird sanctuary is famous for rare bird species Son Chirya. However the number of birds are decreasing, but the efforts are on full swing to save this rare beautiful bird. It is about 20 Kms. from Shivpuri at Karera.



These are famous maths of old times. The maths are 65 Kms. Away from Shivpuri in dense forest and an important religious place of Lord Shiva.



It is a beautiful picnic spots about 50 Kms. Away from Shivpuri on the way to Narwar. The beautiful sight seen from the top of the height gives a rare look, with the water flowing and dam site. The glass house is a valuable and great spot to see the view in rainy season.



It is a beautiful waterfall in Pohri, which is 40 Kms away to Shivpuri. Here is grand statue of lord Shiva. There is Pawa Kund that is 500 feet deep on the Pawa river. The hills around the kund add the natural beauty of the attractive place. It is a very religious place and worth seeing in Shivpuri. The famous saying is that the desire is fulfilled while visiting this holy place.