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Shivpuri is a growing industrial region. Handicraft is an emerging employment sector for poor people. Leather industry is also gaining popularity among lower class people. There are two centers of Sericulture industry in Kolaras and Pohri Block.
The details of the industry sector is as follows :-

A. Industry House:-

1. Ms. Sharda Solvent:-
Sl. No. Product Annual Capacity Export
1 Rapeseed Oil 120000 MT D.O.C.
2 DOC 180000 MT (D. Oil Cake)
3 Vegetable Ghee 100 TPT

B. Market:-

Stone Tiles are available in a large extent in Shivpuri District. Groundnuts, Mustard and Soybean are available as raw material in Shivpuri.

C. Mandi:-

The Agriculture mandis in District Shivpuri are Shivpuri, Pohri, Bairad, Kolaras, Badarwas, Khatora, Karera and Pichhore.

D. Export House:-

There is no export house in Shivpuri. However there are following industrial units which export their products:-

Industry Unit Exported Product Telephone No. & Fax E.mail Address & Web site
Sharda Solvent Ltd.,Court Road, Shivpuri D.O.C. (D.Oil Cake) 232072,232073,233925 Fax - 232044 --
Balaji Stone Cutting Industry,Hanuman Bridge, A.B. Road,Shivpuri Stone Tiles 233010, Fax - 232044 --
Gwalior Forest Products Ltd.,Kattha Mill, A.B. Road, Shivpuri Kattha & HerbalExtracts 223994,224500 Fax - 223992,

1488 Industrial units have been established in Shivpuri district during last five years (1995-2000). The important units are Steel Fabrication, Pulse Mill, Oil Mill, PVC Bags, PVC Pipes, Paints & Colors, Wirenails, Herbal Extracts, Wiredrawings, Stone Cutting and Polishing etc.